Easy Summer Appetizers. Quick Summer Party Recipes

Easy Summer Appetizers. Quick Summer Party Recipes

These are easy summer appetizers that you can make quickly. Summer is the perfect time to entertain at any number of events, including graduations, family functions, 4th of July parties, and even just spending time with friends. These easy and delicious appetizers make entertaining fun and simple.

Fruity Salsa dip: Chop one-half cup of each of the following ingredients and mix them in a bowl. Toss in fresh squeezed lemon juice and mix again. Let marinate for at least an hour before serving with your favorite chips.

Bacon Shrimp Cocktail Combine cooked, shelled shrimp, some thinly sliced shallots, some crispy bacon (crumbled), and click this site some sour cream. Mix well. This refreshing summer appetizer can be served chilled in puff pastry shells made with prepared puff pastry.

Olive Spread Stackers Spread olive tapenade onto some crackers, then top each cracker with slices of fresh mozzarella cheese, roasted red pepper strips and fresh chopped basil.

Ham and Cheese roll-up appetizers: Slice a piece of deli ham and add a thin slice Swiss Cheese to the top. Spread the cheese with a mixture of spicy mustard and sour cream. Sprinkle some fresh or dried dill on top. Place a thin breadstick of your choice (plain, garlic, cheese, etc.). Place the cheese on top and then roll it up tight.

Creamy Potato Toppings: Cut small red potatoes into quarter inch slices. To stop the cooking process, steam until tender, but not mushy. Let cool in the water. Pat dry and then let cool completely. Keep each slice of bread intact. Mix together ricotta cheese, some sour cream and some fresh grated lemon zest in a bowl. Season with salt and pepper. Blend until smooth. Let cool until ready for serving. Serve this summer appetizer by placing a spoonful of the cheese mixture on each potato slice. Sprinkle some chopped chives over top and then place it on a plate.