Indie Film Offers Laughter When Audiences Are Most In Need

Indie Film Offers Laughter When Audiences Are Most In Need

There is an urgent need for laughter in the world today more than ever.

And now, film producer, writer and actor Bardya ziaian are bringing it to people with his new indie movie “Super Dicks”.

Although it is categorised as a comedy, the film has more serious cultural undertones and offers a thought-provoking angle.

“Super Dicks,” features Kim Coates, Marie Avgeropoulos (Netflix” The 100″), Ambyr Childrener (Netflix” You) and Michael Ironside (“Total Recall”) as leads.

Bardya wanted to be a filmmaker, bringing Bardya Ziaian stories to life on film.

However, making a film during a global pandemic was not an easy task.

“We had already begun research and script development before COVID. Bardya stated that, while the pandemic wasn’t able to stop us from filming this film at our normal pace, we had the option of postponing. “First, this needed be a funny film. This is more than ever. Second, and perhaps most importantly, it had to create new jobs. I am glad I decided to continue filming during the pandemic. Many of our film actors are exceptional theater artists who couldn’t have performed elsewhere due the pandemic.

Bardya had never ventured into the film industry before this. Bardya has no prior experience in the movie industry, other than “Super Dicks.”

Bardya Ziaian brings more than two decades experience to the financial industry, starting as President & CEO for Pario Technologies Corp. and then becoming founder of BBS Security Inc. and Virtual Brokers before finally becoming CEO & President of SITTU Group Inc.

But not in the film industry.

Bardya explained that although she didn’t have a background in film, she jumped right in and did some work. “If you have a passion for something, don’t be afraid of trying it.”

Bardya combined his wealth of knowledge in financial investing with his creative thinking, and attention to detail to put together a team that hit the ground running.

But this was not your typical team.

Bardya wanted to fill every role: script writers, financial accountants, production managers and so on.

Bardya explained that we did quite a bit in the house. I began with ideation. Then, I moved to script writing, talent hiring, funding and finally production. My team and me had no connections in this industry. We did not speak the language or know the intricacies behind filmmaking. I wanted my team learning everything and doing it all themselves because, at the core of my being, I’m an learner.

Bardya’s natural desire to learn more, do more, and succeed has been a constant.

“I have always challenged myself and my teams to go beyond the comfort zone to learn, grow and improve. “Super Dicks” is a testament to this philosophy.