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Five Tips for a Leadership Program: Empowering Your Management Team

Never underestimate the role of management within an organization. While the board often gets the credit for helping businesses to make tough decisions and solve complex problems, the line managers, department heads, and other staff members are what propel the organization forward.

Management has many responsibilities. This is why it is one of the most difficult challenges they face every day. They must be able mentor new employees, motivate current staff, boost productivity and report back into the boardroom.

With these in mind, how can business leaders empower the management team so that the highest levels of the company hierarchy feel confident and sure to continue distributing leadership messages throughout their workforce, pushing Jason Hare for organisational wellbeing and contributing towards overall business success?

Five tips to empower managers

Access to training: A leadership development programme offers the opportunity to bring together managers in a collaborative environment that allows them to share their challenges and find solutions. Group training sessions are more effective than management appraisals.

Focused objectives – Considering the number of tasks employees at all levels must complete, directors will be able to easily evaluate their progress and give direction on how effective they can be at work.

You can free up communication channels. It’s extremely important for managers to have accessible and contactable business leaders who will listen to them and make the effort to help them solve their problems. To free these channels, approach managers to set up informal meetings with them. Find out how the whole business can support management. Encourage them to overcome obstacles.

Recognize achievements of managers – It’s important for business leaders to recognize and reward motivated and loyal employees. Rewards should be provided for managers who reach their targets and meet set goals. You can use industry competitors’ loyalty as a reward benchmark by considering the lengths they might go to retain their manager’s loyalty.

Legal training – Managers can be responsible for the wellbeing and well-being of multiple employees or departments. This is why it is crucial that they have the proper legal training to manage all situations. Managers will be able to feel confident and secure by learning how to address common issues such as workplace absenteeism, workplace safety and discrimination.