15 Tips to Purchase a Used Smartphone without Having to Spend a Lot

You might consider buying a used smartphone if you have limited funds and are looking to purchase a smartphone. If you are not an expert in this field, however, it can be difficult to buy a used smartphone. It is not possible to just walk up to a smartphone store and buy a phone without thoroughly inspecting its condition. It could be a curse if you get the wrong phone.

A beautiful used phone might be in great condition with a nice case. However, you might not know that the internal hardware or screen interface may have suffered serious damage from previous owners. This is why it is important to avoid these types of smartphones.

Most people believe that second-hand smartphones are mostly useless. There are many used smartphones on the market that work, but not all of them. Some of these smartphones still work as well as the newer ones. It’s not important to say that second-hand smartphones will have terrible quality.

If you’ve made your final decision and feel confident that you are the right time to purchase your first smartphone, these 15 tips will help you.

Do a quick scan of the case cover

Its case cover is the first thing you should notice about a smartphone. You should always do a thorough scan on every used smartphone you come across in a store. You should check to make sure there is no physical damage or scratches on the device. This is necessary to find out more about the device’s past use.

Make sure the case cover is original

Most people believe that the case of a used smartphone will reveal everything about the condition. This is false. It is impossible to judge the quality of used smartphones by how shiny or flawless their screens are. It is possible that they have already covered them with new cases from a third party that will make them look brand new.

As a smart customer, you should always remember that sellers can always replace damaged cases with new chassis from a third party.

Make sure that all physical buttons work perfectly

If pressed repeatedly by their owners, physical buttons can easily become fragile and break down on smartphones. When you check out a used smartphone, make sure all buttons work properly. You can do this by repeatedly pressing each button. You should not press any button that has a weak or delayed response. Sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn’t.

Always check the screen sensitivity and the user interface

Next, check the screen and sensitivity of the User Interface on a used smartphone. If there are any scratches on the screen, make sure to do a thorough inspection. From each corner, test the touch response until you reach the middle. You can make a variety of random and mixed gestures on the screen from:

sliding the UI to the left/right/up/bottom,


Zooming in/out on photos or web browsers

deleting widgets/apps/elements

Typing on the virtual QWERTY keyboard

All of the above

If you have the time, play some of the apps already installed on your phone. You can also test the screen’s sensitivity by playing high-performance games. This is important because the screen’s sensitivity will be directly affected by the fact that previous owners may have dropped it several times.

Verify if there is any Glitch or Weird Colours Reproduction on Screen

The display is also important. Most smartphones that have been used for a while have been dropped several times by their previous owners. It is important to examine the entire screen in order to determine if there are any issues with color reproduction. These are signs that the screen is not in good condition.

You should make sure that your battery is still pretty good

It is clear that the battery is the most important component of smartphones. Even the latest iPhones, most touch-screen phones have a short battery life, with the exception of the flagships from Motorola and Samsung. It is important to test this area every time you buy used smartphones. You can play high-performance 3D games and watch movies/videos to check that the battery is still good. The battery may be faulty if it drains quickly, even if you are only opening photos or listening to songs (which is not energy-consuming).

If the camera has a shutter key, check that it still works.

Many smartphones have the physical shutter button for taking photos/videos. However, it is possible to replace it with the virtual one. Some phones have a shutter key feature that allows you to capture photos even if the screen is locked. This is why you should always test the shutter key, even if it’s not used often. You can do this by pressing it repeatedly to ensure that it still works.

Make sure that your Cellular and Wi Fi Connectivity still works great

The other essential element of a smartphone is connectivity. Your smartphone will not work if it isn’t connected to the internet. This sector prevents you from surfing the internet, downloading stuff, or connecting to the internet using apps. Always test this feature by surfing the internet with the preinstalled browser, or using any apps that require 3G/4G Wi-Fi connectivity.

You can check the Bluetooth, NFC and Other Off-line Connectivity

These connectivity features can be really important in the future because you like it or not, you will need Bluetooth and will use it very often to share contents like photos/music/videos/files with the other devices, while NFC is also really important for the future’s mobile payment. Always make sure to test Bluetooth, NFC, and other offline connectivity features before you buy your phone.

Check the sound quality of the speaker

The reason cell phones were invented is because of the phone call. Your phone should not be called a phone without it. If this feature is not working properly, your phone will become useless. It’s important to test this feature every now and again by calling random devices on other phones to see if it has a problem with the sound quality, signal, or loudspeaker.

You can send a text message

If your cellular connectivity is still strong, there’s a good chance you can send text messages from that phone. You can send one text message, but don’t let this get you down. This is for your good.

You can check the sound quality of your phone with or without a headset

The majority of smartphone users don’t usually open the loudspeaker wide when they listen to music or watch videos. For most activities with sounds, such as music, movies or games, they use a headset. To make sure everything sounds fine, take a few seconds to verify that the loudspeaker is still working.

Verify that the charging port can still charge the phone

The charging port is the second most important feature of a smartphone. It can be very dangerous for your smartphone if the charging port isn’t working properly and the device cannot charge properly. Nowadays, charging ports for smartphones aren’t just made with glue. Some smartphones have solder embedded into the part. You should always test the charging port by connecting the phone to the charger. Also, check if the battery bar is blinking slightly when the device is being charged. If your phone cannot be charged, it is practically useless.

To check if your microSD card slot is still functional,

Despite smartphones with large internal storage, many phone users still consider microSD card slots to be a vital part of smartphones. These users prefer a smaller internal storage smartphone that can be expanded with an external microSD card. If you are looking to purchase a microSD-card-enabled smartphone it is advisable to verify that the card slot works properly. Do you really want a phone that has very little storage but can’t read an external microSD card?

Ask the seller if the phone is Jailbroken or Rooted.

Rooted Android phones or jailbroken iPhones can be either a good or bad thing. It’s good news if you’re tech-savvy as you can do a lot with your phone without any assistance from a retailer. If you’re not a tech-savvy buyer, however, it is a good idea to contact the seller for this information. You may ask the seller to convert your iPhone to an unjailbroken version so that you can bring your iPhone to the Apple Store if it is damaged.

These are 15 things you should know before buying a used smartphone. Although a used smartphone may be cheaper than a new one, you still have the right to a high-quality product. These tips should prove to be very useful for anyone drinksfeed who is looking to purchase used smartphones.